Zoom home office: Set up for success.

So you have to work from home, and your meetings have gone from professional presentations in corporate boardrooms to shared screens in your kitchen or living room. Not the impression you want to leave for your clients and co-workers? You’re not alone. Just knowing what to consider will help you present that professional image you are accustomed to.

Just because your business is now being conducted from your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a functional workspace or a professional background. Here are a few things to ask yourself to help you take on the new norm with confidence and comfort.

1. What’s in the background?
Before you join the meeting, look behind you at what everyone else is going to see. You may not have to redecorate, sometimes just adjusting the angle of your screen is enough to have the best background you can.
2. Where is your camera?
Ensure the camera is looking directly at you – with a nice distance. With the camera looking up at us, it’s not the most flattering.
3. Where is your light source?
Set yourself up so you don’t have a window or light source behind you. It’s the same concept as taking a photo; lights behind the camera please!
4. Where are your kids?
If you still have the kids at home while you are trying to work, plan the meetings for nap time or during a favorite TV show. If they do manage to interrupt your meeting there’s still no need to stress, after COVID, everyone has a new respect for “working from home” and the daily struggles.
5. Breathing Room
If you must take notes, or refer to paperwork, make sure you have space to work. This is were a monitor arm comes in handy. A lot of our home office desks are only 24” deep, and that doesn’t allow for a screen and paperwork. A monitor arm and even a keyboard tray will free up space to spread paper out.
6. Branding!
If you are trying to promote your business, add some company colors in the background. This could be as obvious as a logo, or as subtle as a piece of furniture or small pieces of decor in your company colours.
7. It’s not just a chair.
Please have a good chair. Whatever you spend money on for your office – you will never regret having a good ergonomic chair. If your company has asked you to work from home, ask if they are providing an allowance for your home office furniture. WCB will cover you at home, so if you are experiencing pain or issues because of an uncomfortable office chair, you might want to talk to your manager about an ergonomic chair.
8. Make the most of it!
Don’t forget to get up and walk around, drink your water, and enjoy the fact that you no longer have to fight the morning commute!

Do you need help setting up your virtual office? Contact Margie at margie@inspireyourspace.ca to get started!