8 things to consider when choosing your chair.

With COVID and working from home, most of us have discovered that there is a big difference between residential and commercial grade furniture. That chair that worked well for a few hours in the evening or the occasional work from home day, doesn’t work for 40 hours a week. Now that this could be your new reality, let me give you some things to ponder.

Let’s talk about your chair. Answering these questions for yourself, will go a long way to helping you find the chair you want or need.

1. Are there things about your current chair that you like or don’t like?
2. How much time do you spend sitting and working, and is it data entry or on the phone?
3. Are you “average chair weight”? Most chairs are designed for 250 lbs and under. The lift will start to sink and the cushion won’t hold up for anyone who doesn’t fit in those parameters.
4. If you are taller, you might want things like a head rest or seat slider (to give your legs proper support). I’m 5’ tall – I don’t need either of those functions, so why pay for them?
5. Don’t forget about what sort of floor you have – most casters (wheels) that come with the chair are made for commercial grade low pile carpet. If you put these on a nice hardwood floor, it will scratch. Or it won’t move at all on thicker pile carpets.
6. I have a bad back, so for me having the right chair is critical to having a good day at work. Having the back of the chair able to come forward with me & support my back when I am doing data entry is important. Reduces the strain on my neck and back, and I’m not tired and sore at the end of the day.
7. If you are sharing your chair with other people at home, you might consider something with more adjustability. One setting is good if it’s just you, but it’s something to think about if you must accommodate different body types and sizes.
8. It also a great opportunity to add some color and style to your space. You can personalize your chair without spending a fortune.

Are you looking for a new office chair? Email margie at margie@inspireyourspace.ca for options and ideas