It's time to focus on your comfort.

To say that business for Calgarians has been challenging in 2020 is an understatement. As a small business owner, I am always reaching out to new and old clients and in doing so, am learning about the unique struggles of different industries. While some Albertans are struggling to find work, others, like those in law and finance, are putting in extended hours as they deal with the frustration of managing new federal and provincial programs on top of their regular jobs.

To those people working longer than normal hours and dealing with higher-than-average stress levels, please be sure you have a good chair. I have struggled with back issues for most of my life and learned a long time ago that the chair you sit in for 8 hours a day is not the place to cut back. It’s important to put the time and money into a proper chair that fits your body and supports your back. This will alleviate headaches, sore neck and back muscles, and overall stress.

Keyboard trays and monitor arms are also your friend. The simple addition of these devices can make a big difference to your comfort level while you work, prevent common injuries, and increase your productivity. We all work better when we are comfortable.

Resolve to take care of yourself in 2021 – remember to make the place where you make big decisions and spend the bulk of your time – comfortable. It does not have to cost a fortune. Call me and let me ask the questions that will help you find the solution that fits your back and your budget.

Are you looking for a new office chair? Email margie at for options and ideas