Working From Home Storage Solutions

If you are lucky enough to have a private room for your office – congrats! Let’s take a look at some storage considerations. If you have a nice space, let’s keep it neat & organized. Figuring out what you need is not as simple as it might seem. I have worked for years with clients who just work with what they have, without really thinking about what might work best for them.

So, do you neatly file away your paperwork at the end of the day? If you do, then let’s get you a file cabinet. They are normally 30 – 36” wide, so find a place they will fit.

Maybe you have lots of books or binders. Well you could obviously get a bookshelf. Take the time to see how deep your books and binders are before you buy a bookshelf. There are lots of sizes out there, and the less expensive bookshelves are built more for pictures and vases than binders.

Is any of this information confidential that you might want behind closed doors? Maybe a tall cabinet with doors might be a better solution.

If you are someone who has successfully moved on to electronic filing, good for you. We should all be so lucky. Filing is one of the more expensive products for home storage, so if you honestly don’t use it, don’t buy it.

If you do need to share some of this space with the rest of your family, then lets look at what might work for everyone to keep their documents and paperwork put away in an organized manner. Finding the right options that provide proper function and storage is the best use of this space for everyone.

If your new office is more open to the rest of the home, maybe glazed doors would help reduce the “office” look, and add to the overall esthetics of your home. I have even found that using nicer boxes with lids from the craft stores on a shelf is a good way to organize my files, and keep my home office, looking more cozy.

Do you need help finding the right type of storage for your space? Contact Margie at to get started!